Labor Law

Areas Of Practice

Labor Law

For decades, MILLER O'BRIEN JENSEN, P.A. has represented labor unions in construction, health services, property services, utilities, meatpacking, entertainment, manufacturing, and transportation, as well as unions in the public sector.

We are deeply devoted to the principles of the labor movement. The quality of our service demonstrates that commitment. Our service is highly effective, economical, and accessible.

Strategic Legal Advice

Our firm provides strategic legal advice to help unions and workers gain the tactical edge in organizing campaigns and build power in contract negotiations. We understand how to integrate our legal and practical insights into the Union's broader strategies for organizing, bargaining, and enforcing contracts.

Innovative Legislative Initiatives

We have successfully crafted numerous innovative local and state legislative initiatives, including labor peace resolutions for service contracts, prevailing wage legislation, Minnesota's Best Value Contracting law for the construction industry, and numerous project labor agreements.

NLRB Proceedings

Our attorneys have decades of experience working with the National Labor Relations Board to protect our clients' rights. We have successfully handled numerous unfair labor practice proceedings, unit clarification petitions, representation hearings, post-election proceedings, and other matters before the Board.

Arbitration and Litigation

We have substantial experience handling arbitrations to enforce workers' rights under collective bargaining agreements. We have successfully pursued complex subcontracting, layoff, and health insurance arbitrations involving major corporations. Additionally, we have handled discipline and discharge grievances. When litigation has proven necessary, our seasoned labor litigators have obtained favorable results in both federal and state court. We have helped shape the legal landscape with victories in reported cases in both federal and state court. Examples include Twin City Bricklayers Fringe Benefit Funds v. Superior Waterproofing, 450 F.3d 324 (8th Cir. 2006) and Queen City Construction, Inc. v. City of Rochester, et al., 604 N.W.2d 363 (Minn. Ct. App. 1999).